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Sepogant Press Screw Separator type TT-PSS - separates difficult and challenging digestates

Films floating on top and sinking to the bottom form in storage tanks for slurry and digestate. The only remedy is time-consuming and costly agitation. Alternatively, separation with the TT-PSS Sepogant press screw separator may be helpful. This high-performance, robust separator incorporates the latest technology and was specially designed to process difficult and challenging digestates. You save costs for storage and spreading, increase the final storage volume by up to 15 %, improve the nutrient balance by targeted fertilizer and nutrient management.
Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS
Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS
The use of high-quality materials and the rugged technology behind the TT-PSS guarantee excellent reliability and longevity, especially for high-fibre digestates.

A permanent oil lubrication of the press screw bearing unit and a permanent mechanical seal between bearing unit and substrate provide for minimum maintenance and long durability.
The continuously variable contact pressure allows the separation to be adjusted to the respective feedstock. The linear consistent contact pressure allows the counter-pressure cone to adjust to the different substrates and prevents breakthrough of liquid substrate.
Using the infinitely variable pressure controller, the content of dry material can be adjusted from 15 % to over 25 % for up to 15 % increased storage capacity.
Separate with the TT-PSS, the extremely powerful and robust, state-of-the-art separator.
Yield optimized results thanks to maximum flexibility and achieve selective fertilising effects of the solid material.
The residual nitrogen bound in the solid material is released in small amounts over a long period (1 – 3 % per year)
Fertilising with solid material from digestate separation is a highly effective long-term base fertilisation with phosphorus and potash.
This has a positive impact on humus formation and activation of soil life, especially of earth worms and enchytraeidae

Benefits of the Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS

  • Ease of handling
  • Easy storage of solid feedstocks such as solid manure
  • Further processing through composting or drying is possible.
  • Easier spreading of the solid on the field using the solid manure spreader. You will achieve a fine structure on grassland after each cut.


optionally installed compensator reservoir
optionally installed compensator reservoir
The robust press screw pushes the substrate through the rigidly mounted, fixed cylindrical screen basket, squeezing it against the counter-pressure cone. This causes the liquid phase of the substrate to run off through the screen basket. The solid phase of the digestate is pushed against the counter-pressure cone and discharged at the front end of the TT-PSS. The minimum distance between press screw and cylindrical screen basket assures low wear and a long durability of the screen. The low connected load of the electric motor makes the system very energy-efficient.

The optionally installed compensator reservoir (2) with a fully automated control system enables the TT-PSS separator (1) to be fed selectively with digestate and slurry through a pump. This ensures 100 percent utilisation of the TT-PSS and saves precious energy.

Basic unit

TT-PSS basic unit
TT-PSS basic unit
The basic unit of the TT-PSS consists of a robust grey iron housing (2) with side covers (3) at both sides and the connecting flange (4) for the compensator reservoir. The substrate inlet nozzle (5) is connected on the right side and the residual water outlet nozzle (7) on the bottom side. The pressing tube (8) is located at the transition to the pressing unit (1). The compressed air unit (6) makes the TT-PSS basic unit complete.

Basic unit with press screw, cylindrical screen basket and drive

TT-PSS with press screw
TT-PSS with press screw
The standard version of the TT-PSS (1) consists of the basic unit (1), the press screw (2), the drive (3) and the standard cylindrical screen basket (gap width 0.5 mm) (4).
The drive of the standard version is not approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Compensator reservoir

Compensator reservoir
Compensator reservoir
The inspection opening (5), the overflow pipe (2) with a Storz coupling (1) to connect the overflow hose and a socket to receive the multi-rod probe (3) are located at the compensator reservoir (4). The multi-rod probe monitors the minimum and maximum level in the compensator reservoir. The flange connection (6) is used to mount the compensator reservoir with a volume of 400 litres to the TT-PSS.

Press screws

press screw
press screw
The one-speed press screw (1) is made of V2A stainless steel. The screw blades are reinforced with cemented-carbide tips and are precision-ground to assure maximum durability of the press screw and the associated cylindrical screen basket.

Cylindrical screen basket

Cylindrical screen basket
Cylindrical screen basket
The gap width of the cylindrical screen basket made of V2A stainless steel is designed to suit the texture of the substrate:
They are available in gap widths of 0.25 (1), 0.5 (2), 0.75 (3) or 1.0 (4) millimetres.
Significant variations of the dry material content in manure and digestates place extreme requirements on the separation equipment. The optimum press-out pressure of the TT-PSS depends on the composition of the feedstock. Its infinitely variable pneumatic cylinder responds flexibly to varying levels of dry material and reliably delivers consistent separation performance.

The TT-PSS during service

Platform with ladder
Platform with ladder
During service, the TT-PSS (1) sits on a platform (2) with ladder (3).

Control of the Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS

Depending on the application and the type of integration, different control system versions are available.

Depending on the plant configuration, the TT-PSS can be fitted with an external pump or with its own feed pump and residual water pump. The controller regulates the starting and stopping times of the pumps and the separator. Moreover, it monitors the correct functioning of the system. During automatic mode, the following steps are executed successively:
The feed pump is switched on to fill the compensator reservoir. Once the compensator reservoir is full, the feed pump switches off and the TT-PSS starts. When the compensator reservoir is empty, the TT-PSS stops and the feed pump starts again until the reservoir is full. This process is repeated until the user-programmed pump time has expired. The feed pump is switched off again after the pump time has expired. The TT-PSS empties the reservoir to the minimum level.

Once the reservoir has reached the minimum level, the feed pump starts in reverse direction to empty the substrate pipes. The TT-PSS continues to run for a few seconds to completely empty the compensator reservoir.

Technical Data of the Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS

Main drive: spur gear motor
Power rating: 2.2 kW (optional 3.0 kW)
Input speed: 24.0 rpm (optionally 37 rpm)
Electrical connection: 400 V AC, 50 Hz
Oil quantity in the gear motor: 3.0 l
Press screw: stainless steel (V2A), 8 mm thick, carbide reinforced, with mechanical seal
Oil quantity in the press screw bearing: 1.5 l
Cylindrical screen drum: stainless steel (V2A) with 0.5 mm
Optional: stainless steel (V2A) with 0.25, 0.75 or 1.00 mm
Emission controller: pneumatic cylinder, continuously variable
Connections: four-hole flange DN 100
Tare weight: approx. 395 kg
With optional compensator reservoir: approx. 495 kg
Max. dry matter content of the press cake under normal conditions: 27 %

Sepogant Press Screw Separator TT-PSS Downloads

Datenblatt Pressschneckenseparator TT-PSS_DE
Datenblatt TT-PSS Aufstiege und Podeste_DE
Datenblatt Schaltschränke Solo für TT-PSS - Übersicht_DE
Datenblatt Schaltschrank TT-PSS mit Pumpe 5,5 kW oder 15 kW_DE
Datenblatt Schaltschrank TT-PSS mit Fremdpumpe_DE
Datenblatt Schaltschrank TT-PSS mit Überlauf_DE
Data sheet Pressschneckenseparator TT-PSS_EN
Data sheet TT-PSS Ladders and platforms_EN
Data sheet Solo control cabinets for TT-PSS Overview_EN
Data sheet Control cabinet TT-PSS with 5,5 kW or 15 kW pump_EN
Data sheet Control cabinet TT-PSS with external pump_EN
Data sheet Control cabinet TT-PSS with overflow_EN
101 005 02 BRO TT PSS DE KD.pdf
101 021 01 TT PSS BRO FR KD.pdf
101 017 02 BRO TT PSS CZ KD.pdf
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