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Press screw separator Sepogant mobile
Press screw separator Sepogant mobile
We developed the Sepogant mobile press screw separator as an alternative to our stationary Sepogant press screw separator. With the TT-PSS mobile, the completely assembled basic unit of the TT-PSS is installed on a car tarpaulin trailer. The mobile separator is ready to operate within shortest time. After use, it is just as easy to make the mobile separator ready for transport again. All parts of the system fit under the tarpaulin to create a compact trailer unit. To transport the trailer, you need a vehicle with an approved hauling load of at least 3.5 t.

This enables the TT-PSS mobile to be used in different places. This solution is ideal for contractors that use the unit across several sites.

The mobile system comprises all components needed to run autonomously. A feed pump sucks in the substrate. After it has passed through the TT-PSS, the liquid phase of the substrate is pumped off to a suitable location by a residual water pump. The solid phase is piled up by a conveyor belt or dumped directly onto a trailer.

This is a fully automated process which is controlled by safety functions through the central control cabinet.

To double the performance of the TT-PSS mobile, it is possible to set up a second basic unit of the TT-PSS on the trailer without major constructional modifications.

The basic unit of the TT-PSS mobile separator is the same as that of our stationary unit
which is described more closely under the model designation TT-PSS. On this page, you will learn everything about the layout, control system and the technical data of the basic unit of our Sepogant TT-PSS press screw separator.

Structure of the TT-PSS mobile

The TT-PSS mobile has the entire separator equipment installed on a closed tandem car tarpaulin trailer ready to operate.
The system comprises the following components:

Car tarpaulin trailer (1), substrate feed pump (24) with connection for the supply pipe (23) and the pipe (22) to the compensator reservoir (18), the compensator reservoir (18) with fill level sensor (19) and overflow pipe or vent (17), the TT-PSS press screw separator (4) with the supply pipe to the residual water tank (3), and the solids discharge (2), the residual water tank (10) with fill level sensor (9), vent pipe (8) and connection for the residual water outlet pipe (11), the inlet pipe (12) to the residual water pump (13) with connection (14) for the residual water pipe, the solids conveyor belt (20) for removing the solids digestate and the manual winch (21) to set up and take down the conveyor belt, the air compressor (16) to actuate the press cone in the TT-PSS, the control and switching cabinet (7), guide rail for the conveyor belt (25) and other accessories (15) and a second TT-PSS press screw separator (26) for double performance.

Substrate feed pump

The substrate is fed by an eccentric screw pump which sucks in the substrate and fills the compensator reservoir whose fill level is monitored. Once the compensator reservoir is full, the pump switches off.

TT-PSS press screw separator

The TT-PSS is mounted horizontally on a platform so that the pressed substrate (solid phase) at the press cone can drop down onto the conveyor belt without obstructions. The residual water (liquid phase) is discharged downwards through the cylindrical screen directly into the residual water tank.
Control is fully automatically through a control cabinet.

Solids conveyor belt

The solids conveyor belt takes away the pressed substrate (solid phase) produced by the TT-PSS. The conveyor belt allows the pressed substrate to be transported to a collection site or trailer.

Residual water pump

The residual water obtained after pressing (liquid phase) is collected in a residual water tank. The level of the residual water tank is monitored and it is emptied by the residual water pump. The eccentric screw pump pumps the residual water into the corresponding storage tank.

Compressed air supply

The compressed air is generated by an air compressor on the trailer. The compressed air is needed to control the TT-PSS press cylinder.

Control of the mobile press screw separator Sepogant

Control system

A control cabinet with the control system of the TT-PSS mobile is located on the trailer.

The control cabinet comprises the following controls:
main switch, emergency STOP button, push-button, operator display, indicator lamps

Electrical connection

A three-phase electric power connection is needed to operate the TT-PSS mobile:
400 V / 50 Hz at 3 phases + PE, 32 A.

Extensions - second press screw separator Sepogant mountable

The separating performance can be doubled by installing a second TT-PSS on the trailer.

Technical data press screw separator Sepogant TT-PSS mobile

Tandem car tarpaulin trailer: 194 x 460 cm, internal height 240 cm
Permissible overall weight: 3.5 t
Maximum speed: 80 km/h

TT-PSS on a platform with compensator reservoir, incl. preparations for a second TT-PSS, 7.5 kW eccentric screw pump with two suction hoses ø133 mm x 4 m long for the substrate supply, residual water tank with pump and 2 pressures hoses ø75 mm x 10 m long, solids conveyor belt made of V2A/PVC (length: 4.5 m) for a maximum loading height of 3.20 m, electric control cabinet with frequency converter for substrate feed pump, air compressor

Stationary Sepogant press screw separator TT-PSS

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