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Easyfeeder feeding system

Our Easyfeeder family of feeding equipment is highly flexible and compatible with various digester designs. The feed system is capable of processing even the most challenging materials such as long-fibred grass silages. We have models to suit any volume requirements. Our feed technology is available as a starter model with and without push-off container, with inclined screw conveyors for feed openings high above the ground and also with a shredder attachment to process particularly long-fibred and stringy materials.
Already during the development of the proved and tested solid material feeder, the focus has been on minimising energy consumption and wear. This is achieved through a sophisticated control system and the highly rugged design of all wear parts. Therefore, screw conveyors and drives have a particularly robust and sturdy design. All parts prone to corrosion are made of V2A stainless steel. All drives are equipped with adjustable load monitoring. The interval control with automatic reversing function in the event of overload ensures smooth and trouble-free operation.
All components of our feed system have been designed according to the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and have been approved with restrictions for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Easyfeeder ECO

Easyfeeder ECO type EBT-ECO - feeding the digester with renewable raw materials
The Easyfeeder ECO, type EBT-ECO, is the affordable entry into the world of feeding technology.
It is suitable for small batch-fed plants without stockpiling. If necessary, it can be expanded to 13 m³ with separating screws.
The Easyfeeder ECO can also be ordered with supports in different heights for digesters installed higher above the ground.

Easyfeeder Solo

Easyfeeder Solo solids feeding system type EBT-ST - feed the digester with renewable raw materials
Built for life, the Easyfeeder Solo EBT-ST is the basic model of our comprehensive Easyfeeder line.
With a volume of 10 to 13 m³ it is ideal as a starter model for continuous interval feed throughout the day.
The feedstock is pre-dosed by two separating screws and is transported into the digester by the main screw conveyor.

Easyfeeder Solo with push-off container

Easyfeeder Solo with push-off container type EBT-ST-AM - feeding the digester with renewable raw materials
Der Easyfeeder Solo mit Mulde vom Typ EBT-ST-AM entspricht im Aufbau dem Easyfeeder Solo.
Doch ist beim Easyfeeder Solo mit Mulde das Vorratsvolumen mit bis zu 50 m³ weitaus höher als beim Easyfeeder Solo.
Das Fördergut wird über einen Hydraulikzylinder in den Trichter geschoben. Über die Auflöse- und Hauptförderschnecke gelangt es in den Fermenter.
Wie der Easyfeeder Solo eignet sich der Easyfeeder Solo mit Mulde für eine kontinuierliche Intervallfüt-
terung über den ganzen Tag.

Easyfeeder FA with push-off container

Easyfeeder FA with push-off container - feeding the digester with renewable raw materials
Bei unserer Einbringtechnik Easyfeeder FA mit Mulde vom Typ EBT-FA-AM gelangt das Fördergut von der Mulde aus, durch den Fräsaufsatz mit drei direkt ange- triebenen Fräswalzen fein dosiert und aufgelockert in die Haupt- förderschnecke. Diese befördert es dann in den Fermenter.
Dies bietet gerade bei besonders faserigem und schwer zu dosie- renden Einsatzstoffen wie Mist ideale Voraussetzungen. Durch die Mulde hat die Anlage ein hohes Vorratsvolumen.

Easyfeeder Top AS with hopper

Easyfeeder Top AS with hopper type EBT-T-AS - feeding the digester with renewable raw materials
The Easyfeeder Top AS with hopper, type EBT-T-AS, is the first choice of solids feeding if the substrate needs to be delivered into tall digesters of small facilities.
Initially, the separating screws separate the feedstock before it is taken upward by the inclined screw conveyor to the feed screw.
The storage volume is 7 m³ (can be increased to 20 m³).

Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container

Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container type EBT-T-FA-AM - feeding the digester with renewable raw materials
The Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container, type EBT-T-FA-AM, is the first choice for very fibrous and difficult to dose feedstocks in tall digesters.
Three directly driven rotary grinders finely dose and separate the substrate which then passes through the horizontal screw conveyor, the inclined screw conveyor and finally to the feed screw
from where it enters the tall digester.


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