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Biogas plant components

As farmers operating our own biogas plant, we have made a lot of experiences with biogas plant technology over the past years. By constantly innovating and improving our solutions, we cover a wide range of biogas plant components today.

Our focus is always on the energy efficiency and durability of our products which we accomplish through a rugged design.

We offer a wide range of products to make sure that the suitable product for the different plant configurations is available when needed.

Vapogant Digestate EvaporatorGaerrestverdampfung Vapogant 2017 01 RGB

The Vapogant digestate evaporator, type VVT-GRV, processes digestate from biogas plants to usable, highly concentrated fertiliser.
With this method, the digestate is thickened by removing water using the waste heat of the combined heat and power station from the biogas plant.
This process takes place in a vacuum and is a closed circuit so that neither dust nor odours are released.

Varibull Paddle AgitatorAUE 01 RT PRW

The Varibull paddle agitator, type RT-PRW, developed by us is the number one among the low-speed paddle agitators.
It is used in biogas plants to mix liquid substrates in reinforced concrete digesters. The Varibull paddle agitator was designed specifically to be used with renewable raw materials, slurry and solid manure. Its robust design assures economic, reliable and durable operation.

Biosecure over-/underpressure protection01 ST DS

The Biosecure overpressure/underpressure protection, type ST-DS, monitors and regulates the high and low pressure in the digester of a biogas plant. The overpressure/underpressure regulator can either be actuated mechanically through a biogas storage membrane or using weight-operated immersion cups.

Heatcrack substrate heat exchangerWT SWT  Box

Varipeller submersible agitatorRT TRW

The Varipeller submersible agitator, type RT-TRW, is a slow-running submersible motor agitator with a blade diameter of 84 cm.
This agitator has been designed specifically for viscous substrates.
The Varipeller submersible agitator is used in biogas plants to stir substrates in post-digesters and digestate storages.

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