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Welcome to Biogastechnik Süd GmbH,

Your reliable partner for biogas technology around agricultural biogas plants. Our focus lies in the fields of fermentation residue evaporation, stirring technology, separation technology, introduction technology, safety technology and heating technology. But we also have other detailed solutions in our programme.
Our homepage is intended to give you an impressive insight into our technology and subject areas. We wish you a pleasant stay on our website and many informative experiences during the virtual tour.

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Vapogant digestate evaporator

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The Vapogant digestate evaporator, type VVT-GRV, processes digestate from biogas plants to high-concentration fertiliser.

In this process, the digestate is thickened by removing water, using the waste heat of the combined heat and power station from the biogas plant.

This process takes place under vacuum and is a closed circuit so that neither dust nor odours are released.

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Varibull paddle agitator

RT PRW short start

The Varibull paddle agitator, type RT-PRW, developed by us is the number one among the low-speed paddle agitators.

It is used in biogas plants to stir liquid substrates in reinforced concrete digesters. The Varibull agitator was designed specifically to be used with renewable raw materials, slurry and solid manure. Its rugged construction provides for reliable and durable operation.

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Sepogant press screw separator

TT PSS startseite

High water contents in slurry or digestate generate high costs for storage and spreading the slurry on the field.

Using our Sepogant press screw separator, type TT-PSS, you can save costs while improving the nutrient balance of the substrates. Our separation equipment is designed for stationary and mobile use.

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Easyfeeder feeding system


Our Easyfeeder family of feeding equipment is highly flexible and compatible with various digester designs.

Already during the development of the proved and tested solid material feeder, the focus has been on minimising energy consumption and wear.

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Biosecure underpressure and overpressure guard

01 ST DS

The Biosecure overpressure and underpressure protection, type ST-DS, monitors and regulates the overpressure and underpressure in biogas plant digesters.

The overpressure and underpressure guard can either be controlled mechanically through a biogas storage membrane or using weight-operated immersion cups.

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Heatcrack substrate heat exchanger

Kocher Box startseite

The Heatcrack substrate heat exchanger, type WT-SWT, is used for solid materials rich in fibres and/or for short dwelling times of the substrate in the biogas plant.

By heating the substrate for a short period after the first digester, the degree of decomposition of the fibre-rich materials is accelerated.

Alternatively, the Heatcrack substrate heat exchanger can be used as an external heating to pre-heat the substrate or for substrate heat recovery.

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Varipeller submersible agitator


The Varipeller submersible agitator, type RT-TRW, is a slow-running submersible motor-driven agitator with a blade diameter of 84 cm.

This agitator has been designed specifically for viscous substrates.

The RT-TRW is used in biogas plants to stir substrates in post-digesters and digestate stores or pre-pits.

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